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Heart DiseaseCancer or recent Chemotherapy (last 3 months)DiabetesImmunocompromisedOrgan/marrow transplantPregnancy/Trying to conceiveReflux/HeartburnSpleen removedSeizure disorder

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1 st class hotel/ resort or cruise shipBudget hotels and/or hostelsInns/B&BsFamily/friendsCampingCompany lodgeAirBnB / House share

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High altitude/climbingUnderwater diving/snorkelingJogging/running/bicyclingRafting/water sportsWilderness/extreme sportHealthcare activitiesVolunteer humanitarianSafariActivities involving contact with animals (Veterinary)

Immunization History
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Cholera (Dukoral)

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Hep A & B combo (Twinrix) - Dose 2


Hep A & B combo (Twinrix req. 3 doses) - Dose 3

Tick Borne Encephalitis

Hepatitis A & Typhoid combo

Typhoid Fever

Hep B (Hepatitis B)

Yellow Fever

HPV (Gardasil/Cervarix)

ZOS (Zoster) (Shingles)

JE (Japanese Encephalitis)


Mantoux Test (TB Skin Test)


MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella)

Do you need Influenza or Pneumococcal vaccinations?

Do you need assistance with walking aid selection or Compression stockings?

There are fees associated with the services not covered by Alberta Health described on this form (ex. vaccines, pharmacogenomics testing and travel education). Some of these may be covered through 3rd party insurance. Please contact the store for more information.
Travel Note:
Vaccines are generally well tolerated. Some patients may experience some soreness, redness and swelling at the injection site. As with any vaccine, other side effects including an allergic reaction or anaphylactic response could occur.